About the Kloepfel Academy

Purchasing as a driver of return
The aim of Kloepfel Academy’s Fit4Purchasing is to train and strengthen purchasers in line with their personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. This is the only way to develop your purchasing into a motor for return. Your purchasing will become a driver of margins within your company.

Purchasing is not missile technology

Based on the years of cross-industry experience of Kloepfel Consulting, the Kloepfel Academy uses Fit4Purchasing to develop challenging, practical and implementation-oriented training modules and programmes – by purchasers for purchasers.

Avoid unnecessary costs

Find out where your purchasers are – and where they should be – in terms of the requirements of your sector and markets. To do this, we have developed a competency profile analysis. This determines – in a transparent way – which training is superfluous, and which training is useful for your purchasers. This is why we are so successful with our training: Participant opinions.

Purchasers instead of trainers

We don’t use trainers that have just gotten their knowledge from books or projects done far in the past. Best practice experience regularly feeds into our seminars. We will also be happy to provide training based on your case studies. Fit4Purchasing: By Purchasers for Purchasers.

Straight to the point: The 5 special features of Fit4Purchasing

1.    Individual care and selection of sector-specific issues,
2.    Small groups (8 to 12 people), allowing for a high success rate,
3.    Continual, progressive training measures,
4.    Best practice experience continually fed in by those involved in recent projects,
5.    Also available as in-house training with 5 or more participants.