icon12Optimise Logistics Costs

Risks down, efficiency up = savings of up to 18%

Just ask yourself: is the proportion spent for logistics within your company reasonable? Do your shipping and warehouse employees complain of fluctuating volumes and volatile markets? Together with your employees, our logistics experts will track down bottlenecks and develop efficient solutions. They create a perfect link between individual departments within your company and ensure an optimum material flow between procurement of raw materials from your suppliers and distribution chains to your customers. Not forgetting conditional improvements. Put us to a test and you’ll be won over by our innovative solutions and industry expertise gained from over 350 projects. Your company will benefit from our holistic consulting approach, made up of the following aspects:

arrow-orange Optimisation of freight and warehouse costs

arrow-orange Process analysis and target design for transport and factory logistics

arrow-orange Make-or-buy analyses

arrow-orange Modelling of alternative scenarios for material flow Bottleneck management

arrow-orange Geo-management

arrow-orange Total cost analyses in all areas of logistics

arrow-orange ABC and XYZ analyses

arrow-orange Evaluation of ordering behaviour and adjustment of ordering parameters

arrow-orange Customs Duty Optimisation