Kloepfel Consulting as your employer

Good chances of progression in a rapidly growing company
We keep our hierarchies flat, as the opinions and ideas of every single one of our employees is important. In addition, our services are in great demand. This means that you, your strengths and your results won’t remain undiscovered, allowing you to achieve promotion more quickly with us than you would with many other corporate consultancies.

Work-life balance
There are phases within project work where teams are faced with a lot of work. However, our project leaders ensure that the work is distributed fairly. Success, a pleasant corporate culture and strong teams ensure that you feel right at home. We don’t let our employees “burn out”. We place value on every employee finding their own balance.

Demands and support
Kloepfel Consulting demands responsibility, entrepreneurship, ambition and ability to work in a team. But we also provide support. Experts from practice constantly bring you up-to-date on purchasing and supply chain management. The topics of our training may be: negotiating, product cost calculation, moderation, production technology, project management, and much more. You can find out more about our Fit for Purchasing programme here.

Worldwide deployment
Procurement markets are international and stretch across all continents. With us you have the opportunity to be deployed all over the world, develop international business relations and get to know new cultures.

Michelle Mann
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