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Sector: Retail / Trading

Take care of the purchasing,
and the profit will take care of itself

Within the tough price war, purchasing is commerce’s value creation tool – whether it be in classic retail, mail order selling, e-commerce, wholesale or technical trade. Through studies and experience, we have found that purchasing tools effectively lower purchasing costs, and therefore considerably increase profit margins, but that these are not fully or consistently utilised, often due to time constraints. Our commerce team, with experience in a wide range of forms of commerce and hierarchical levels, will strengthen your purchasing and work with you to implement pragmatic solutions for all purchasing-related challenges in a sustainable way: from category management to annual meetings and optimisation of the supply chain to reduction of indirect spend. During a Kloepfel project, we work with you to uncover hidden potential for return in purchasing, processes and category management in order to sustainably improve your company’s result.


Customer opinions:

Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH
“We were very impressed by the way in which your team of consultants presented excellent initial results within just a few days.”
Harald Fraszczak

“The consultants stationed with us throughout the project slotted into the existing procurement team and were never seen as unwelcome outsiders or competition. There was also a limit to the amount of internal resources that we needed to provide.”
Sven Kistenpfennig (CEO, Chair of the Board)

KAINDL technischer Industriebedarf Gesellschaft m. b. H.
“We were impressed that immediate EBIT effect was always achieved when implementing potential, as the conditions among existing suppliers were often improved. In some cases savings of over 30% were achieved, increasing the significance of purchasing within our company – across all departments. During your activity, you only used our internal resources to a minimal extent.”
Ing. Hans-Jörg Keplinger (Managing Director)

Osman Cetinkaya

+49 211 882 594 17

Mail: osman.cetinkaya@kloepfel-consulting.com



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