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Sector: Machinery and plant engineering

Purchasing is where money is earned –
and will still be in future

Within the global price war, purchasing has taken on a central role in mechanical engineering. With a high level of technical skill, it is often closely linked with technology, construction and production. And development mustn’t stop; we need only think of the German government’s slogan “Industry 4.0 – the intelligent factory”. Take advantage of the extensive industry expertise of our technical purchasers, engineers and technicians as the world changes through globalisation. We will work with you as part of a Kloepfel project to uncover hidden potential for return, in order to increase your profit margins and innovative dynamics. The measures include: product cost optimisation, global development of suppliers, negotiations, process optimisation, innovative supplier partnerships, purchasing partnerships and elimination of wastage.


Customer opinions:

KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
“After just a few months, we had achieved considerable savings of € 1 million. Overall, we will achieve savings of over 3 million.”
Armin Stolzer (Executive Board)

BHS-Sonthofen GmbH
“For our specialist departments, it was important that quality standards were not compromised despite cost savings. Kloepfel Consulting really managed to achieve this throughout the course of the project.”
Dennis Kemmann (Executive Board)

Menerga Apparatebau GmbH
“Tasks were implemented with a high degree of technical understanding, with practical application and to our utmost satisfaction. The result was the implementation of savings that considerably exceeded our expectations.”
Dr. Ing. Jürgen Röben




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