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Strengthening purchasers –
the supply chain as a driver of returns and innovation

SMEs suffer from either massive price competition or strong quality and innovative competition, among other factors. In times of globalisation, it is intelligently networked factories (Industry 4.0) that will lead the market in future. The master interface of such companies is essentially the purchasing or supply chain department. In a Kloepfel survey, 68% of the 523 managers asked were sure that purchasing is essentially able to increase margins more effectively than sales. Despite all of these facts, in many SMEs purchasing is more poorly placed than even sales. During a Kloepfel project, our experienced specialist teams help strengthen purchasers and work with them to sustainably uncover potential for return in purchasing or purchasing processes, and therefore improve your company’s result. In addition, we can improve your innovative dynamics by identifying strong suppliers, in order to render your company future-proof in face of the competition.


Customer opinions:

Dennerle GmbH
“Thanks to systematic multilingual negotiations on the part of your German and Chinese team of consultants, both on our premises and on location with our supply partners in China, you have managed to sustainably improve existing price structures in close collaboration with our employees.”
Peter Koch (Executive Board)

Crespel & Deiters GmbH & Co.KG
“The result achieved in uncovering purchasing potential considerably exceeded the initial prognosis and was realised within 5 months – a month earlier than planned.”
Gustav Deiters (Executive Board)

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