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Sector: Private equity

Double the value of your portfolio companies

With a share of approx. 50% in turnover, purchasing represents the most important earnings factor within companies. If purchasing costs can be reduced by 8%, the company’s result can be increased by up to 50% within a short space of time. With an average leverage percentage of approx. 50%, the company value can be doubled within 12 months using purchasing optimisation measures.
Shareholding companies like to use the services of Kloepfel Consulting because these value-increasing effects are important for their portfolio. In addition, private equity firms really appreciate Kloepfel Consulting’s 100% success-based fee model. If we don’t save you any money, we don’t earn our fee. As early as the due diligence phase, we provide regular support with analyses to assess potential for savings in purchasing and supply chain. If a company is bought, we provide a guarantee for the realisation of the analysed potential in the form of a joint project. Our specialist teams quickly recover large parts of the purchase price in the form of improvements in company performance.


Customer opinions:

Hannover Finanz
“We are enjoying working with Kloepfel Consulting. Sustainable and comprehensive optimisations in the material section are increasing the value of our shareholdings.“
Jörg Bätjer, Investment Manager

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG
“Kloepfel Consulting impresses with rapid and lastingly effective measures for increasing company value.“
Bernd Sexauer, Managing Director

Marc Kloepfel

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Mail: marc.kloepfel@kloepfel-consulting.com



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