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Sector: Special vehicle manufacturing

Purchasing as a driver of growth

Like for automobile manufacturers, requirements have also increased considerably in the case of small capacities and quantities. Specific customer solutions are often at odds with available standard solutions. This makes long-term consultation between technology, sales and production departments necessary. In turn, the company that best manages the competition is the company that has the best handle on efficiency, flexibility, costs and deadlines. Many of the main components are from major suppliers (electrics, hydraulics, basic chassis). Our special vehicles team will work with you as part of a Kloepfel project to uncover hidden potential for return, helping you to use materials more efficiently, standardise products, even in small series, find innovative suppliers, for example for lightweight construction, and carry out workshops with existing suppliers to identify savings potential that can be realised together, among other measures.


Customer opinions:

Mulag Fahrzeugbau GmbH
“Both the overall number of directly implemented savings and the further potential that we can implement within our purchasing department over coming months are remarkable.”
P. Esser (Executive Board)

Lely Holding S.a.r.l. u. Welger Maschinenfabrik
“All the sessions were well prepared including documentation.”
Peter Smit (Corporate Strategic Purchasing Manager)

Vogel und Noot Landmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG
“Our joint result of almost € 1.1 million in savings per year speaks for itself. Our initial scepticism based on very negative experience with consultancy firms in the past was quickly alleviated by measurable results.”
Mag. Elisabeth Scheikl (Executive Board)



Oliver Röhm
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Frank Hammesfahr
+49 211 882 594 17
Mail: frank.hammesfahr@kloepfel-consulting.com


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