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About Kloepfel Consulting

Kloepfel Consulting optimises the procurement and product costs of medium-sized companies. The implementation-oriented multi-national consulting firm lets the success of its projects speak for itself. Naturally, one hundred percent concentration is devoted to each individual client’s company by Kloepfel Consulting.

The clients are not convinced through extensive analyses and thick strategic documents, but rather through a pragmatic and results-oriented work approach with fast results which are measurable at all times.

On the projects, local know-how is combined with proven international management experience. The inter-disciplinary teams that are composed of sales personnel and engineers possess consulting experience that has been obtained from companies in diverse industries. With local partners in America, Asia and Eastern Europe, the cost optimisers offer their clients a truly global pool of knowledge.

Kloepfel Consulting always offers a measurable and sustainable range of consulting products which are again reflected in the cost savings in less than 12 months.