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Sector: Russia consulting

Distribution in Russia

  • Diligent market and competitor analysis
  • Development of suitable distribution strategy
  • Establishment of sales structures in Russia
  • Tenders from Russia
  • Agent operations and trade organisation/implementation

    Logistics optimization

  • Selection of the optimal logistic solutions
  • Generation & procession of certificates of orgine
  • Licensing and Gost-R and TR certification
  • Carnet A.T.A. and Carnet T.I.R. procedures
  • DDP-deliveries & VAT refunds

    Customs clearance management

  • Development of complete contracts
  • Binding tariff information
  • Customs clearance according to Russian regulations
  • Speedup of customs transit times
  • Optimization of existing customs duties

    Purchase consulting Russia

  • Product clinic (what can be bought in Russia)
  • Diligent market and feasibility analyses
  • Contact with suppliers / Rfis and RfQs
  • Auditing/qualification of suppliers
  • Projects to increase local content

    Site selectionl

  • Diligent market and location analysis
  • Negotiations with regional authorities
  • Investment planning and financing
  • Support in setting up companies and branches
  • Development of workforce and suppliers

Dimitri Lagun

Senior Manager

T +49 211 875 453 23

Do you find yourself here?

“Russia is an important export market for our competition, we are lagging far behind this one!”

“The Russian customs system is completely non-transparent for us: we pay fluctuating customs duties, sometimes the goods are stuck in customs several weeks!”

“We recognize Russia’s sales potential for our company, but we don’t know how to gain a foothold here!”

“In order to maintain our competiveness in Russia, we must set up an assembly plant on site. But where and how ?”

“Some of our raw materials come from Russia. We would be happy to buy them directly from the supplier. However, we have a lack of market knowledge and so our scepticism overweight!”

“We sell through a local agent in Russia – can we trust him ?”

We help you to improve your situation in Russia.

17.100.000 km² – one consulting!

Feel free to contact us. Phone: +49 211 875 453 23 or Mail:


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