Global Activities

Benchmarking and procurement or logistics optimisation can no longer be carried out in an isolated manner, only taking account of the domestic market: they must always be looked at from a global angle. Even though it is not always logical to actually bring a Chinese or Mexican supplier into the supply process, the mere knowledge of their existence may be worth a few percentage points when negotiating with existing suppliers. Due to currency fluctuations, you may be able to procure identical products of the same quality considerably more cheaply (e.g. in the dollar area). In addition, option contracts hedge the risk in the event of price inflation.

In the emerging countries, serious competitors are developing in many areas of industry. They not only have access to cheaper raw materials and workforces, but have also often developed an added advantage through product modifications. Global benchmarking identifies such innovations, and then our local consultants implement these for our customers.

We are represented by our own or partner companies on all key sourcing markets (Asia, Eastern Europe, North and Latin America). This local expertise helps our customers on their way towards rapid and long-lasting effects. Following successful completion of the project, we also offer our customers the opportunity to use our sourcing desk. This allows the services of our foreign partners to be utilised on a permanent basis.