Global Activities

Globale Aktivitäten

Kloepfel Consulting

Benchmarking, procurement or logistics optimization can no longer be considered in isolation, only with an inspection of the domestic market, but must always be viewed from a global perspective. Even if it does not always make sense to actually bring a Chinese or Mexican supplier into the supply, the mere knowledge of its existence alone is often worth a few percentage points in the negotiations with the existing suppliers. Due to currency fluctuations, identical products of the same quality can be purchased at significantly lower prices (e.g. in the dollar zone). In addition, option businesses hedge the risk in the event of price increases.

In emerging nations, serious competitors are developing in many industrial sectors. They do not only have access to cheaper raw materials and labor, but rather gained additional advantages through product modifications. Global benchmarking identifies such innovations, as a result our local consultants can implement them with our customers

We are represented in all important sourcing markets (Asia, Eastern Europe as well as North and Latin America) by our own or partner companies. This local know-how helps our customers to achieve fast and sustainable effects. After the successful completion of the project, we also offer our clients the use of our sourcing desks. Here the services of our foreign partners can be used permanently.

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