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Pharmaceutical: Your purchasing –
the competition begins with purchasing

Challenges in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry have been growing continually for years, due to increasing cost pressure and decreasing margins. Here, the high level of dynamics in this international and highly competitive market that is shaped by takeovers results primarily from growing requirements based on state regulations and increasing competition, for example through tendering of health funds. We know the difficult framework conditions, products and challenges faced by supply chains and purchasers. Utilise the extensive experience of our pharmaceutical team, gained from projects with research companies and manufacturers of generic drugs, to sustainably reduce costs and improve your company’s result with a Kloepfel project.

Health care: Your purchasing –
for the good of the patient and your growth

The pharmaceutical, biotech and health care sectors are now some of the most important economic sectors in Germany. However, although these sectors have been growing for years due to constantly increasing spendings on health, nearly every other German hospital generates permanent negative results. As the second largest cost block in the hospital, the amount of material resources plays an essential role here. Particularly in this area, there is a considerable potential for savings, which can be realized for example, through a targeted reduction in variety after consultation with doctors and nurses and optimized ordering processes.

Derk Haring


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Project interview


Customer opinions:

regioMed-Kliniken GmbH
“The strategic and concrete starting points were defined in close collaboration with the purchasing departments and dealt with cooperatively and confidently, together with all involved groups within the clinics.”
Möller-Ühlken (Speaker for the Executive Board)
Aristo Pharma GmbH
“As the high expectations placed on the project were fulfilled and the results of our procurement project really impressed us, we have been happy to recommend Kloepfel Consulting to other companies within Santo Holding’s shareholding portfolio.”
Stephan Walz (Executive Board)
Provita Medizintechnik GmbH
“Through the joint project, the awareness of the importance of our corporate purchasing has grown significantly, i.e. in addition to the measurable savings, your work has also generated a large number of qualitative effects.”
Micha Hilverkus (Executive Board)
DRK Kreisverband Siegen-Wittgenstein e.V.
“I would like to expressly thank the consultants from Kloepfel Consulting for the success of our project. We have managed to considerably improve the economic situation of our association.”
Ralf Henze (Executive Board)

Project example

Example of a project result

Processed material groups i. a.

rhythmology, Vac-therapy, bandages, rental linen/laundry, implants, gloves, incontinence, medical gases, office stationery, hygiene material, maintenance, etc.

Example project-Scorecard

Project volume: 60 Mio. Euro
Processed volume: 30 Mio. Euro
Project team: 3 Consultants
Project duration: 10 Months
Savings outcome: 2.900.000 Euro

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