Project interview Ubbo-Emmius-Kliniken

Project interview Ubbo-Emmius-Kliniken

Sector: Healthcare

Turnover: € 81 million (2014)

Employees: 1.300 (2015)

Optimization measures including:

  • Tenders and supplier changes – Example product group: medical consumables
  • Supplier bundling in the product groups ink, toner, office supplies and gloves
  • Negotiation of bonuses in kind and annual bonuses
  • Optimization of payment conditions
  • Service provider bundling – elevator maintenance

Derk Haring

Director Pharma & Health Care

P +49 211 875 453 23

Report of a Purchasing Optimization Project by economist Thomas Hippen, Member of the Board of Management and Head of Finance and Accounting of Ubbo-Emmius-Kliniken, and Heiko Goldenstein, Head of Controlling.

Thomas Hippen: We were open-minded, because there was simply a need for action for personnel-neutral savings. In addition, our business leader left us, giving us the chance to completely reorganize ourselves.

Heiko Goldenstein: I can confirm that. In addition, two houses merged and the article catalog was not consolidated. It was clear to us that we only have the necessary manpower to lead such a project to success through external support.

Thomas Hippen: Data preparation was the biggest challenge – especially against the background of the merger of two companies. With the help of the Kloepfel/Bredehorst team, we first had to get an overview of conditions and contracts.
Heiko Goldenstein: The patients didn’t feel anything. But the staff members did. The nurses were easy to motivate and were quickly involved. The doctors were already more critical. Many did not want to change from certain handlings and materials. But in the end, an agreement was reached. Only the topic of plaster was postponed because the doctors blocked it here. But the Kloepfel/Bredehorst team also found an alternative solution here.
Thomas Hippen: The entire processes have changed and also have been accepted. We can now assemble well on the project successes and have introduced new payment terms. At the moment we are still optimizing our logistics.
Thomas Hippen: Friendly, determined, competent.
Thomas Hippen: The Kloepfel/Bredehorst team was able to establish a collegial relationship quite quickly and integrate into our company.

Heiko Goldenstein: The consultants knew what they were talking about and quickly gained acceptance thanks to their competence.

Thomas Hippen: A distinction must be made between local and nationwide suppliers. The nationwide suppliers were sporty, there was no great unrest here. Local suppliers have already asked why prices are now being renegotiated, for example. Here, however, the clinic has always managed to pave the way and bring about a solution through open communication between those involved.
Thomas Hippen: The results spoke for themselves. We can only recommend such a project.

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