BHB – Handelsverband Heimwerken, Bauen und Garten e.V.

As an association of trading companies for DIY, construction and gardening in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the BHB promotes and supports all measures and activities affecting members’ economic, legal, political, tax and media-related matters. This interest group also applies to the sponsoring members from industry and services. The BHB pools the sectors’ interests and communicates issues in a concentrated way with politics, the media, the public, administrations, suppliers and service providers.
Open dialogue instead of purely competitive thinking
Since its foundation around two decades ago, the BHB has been working to promote open dialogue between industry partners. Within the BHB, members are expected to see themselves not just as competitors but also as strategic partners, who can work together within the association to launch and successfully implement important projects. Mutual trust is an essential prerequisite for this. The BHB fights for such trust and promotes dialogue with industry, other associations, NGOs and trade fair companies.


Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik

The German association for materials management, purchasing and logistics (BME), founded in 1954, is a service provider for 8,000 individual and corporate members, including SMEs and large companies. In its role of shaping the network, the BME promotes exchange of experience between companies and science, on both the procurement and supplier side. The association is open to all sectors (industry, commerce, public authorities, banks/insurance companies) and forms of company.
1.25 billion euros: that is the purchasing volume of the member companies represented by the BME. The value of purchased goods and services is 42 per cent of company turnover.



DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER is the cross-sector interest group in Germany for business owners and operators of family-run businesses aged up to 40. The association members are owners or shareholders of a company that generates at least 1 million euros in annual turnover and / or has at least 10 employees and is entered in the commercial register or roll of companies. Since its foundation in 1950, the association has been fighting for optimum framework conditions for entrepreneurship in Germany and Europe. One of the association’s particular features is the personal and voluntary commitment of the young entrepreneurs. They shape the association’s strategic alignment and engage in direct dialogue with politics and the media.


Europäischer Wirtschaftssenat e. V.

The European Economic Senate (EWS) is the progression of a national body founded in 1997. The senate’s task is to strengthen the European area and implement necessary reforms through the interplay between politics and the economy. The senate, which was restructured in 2003, is a recognised, non-partisan and cross-sector European body of successful European companies and individuals who advise political decision-makers with experience and expertise.
The EWS also issues statements on current topics, develops solutions for changes and challenges and fights against politics’ efforts to have an excessive influence over company decisions. The foundation of EWS sections in all European countries provides for the exchange of personal knowledge and experience between economic senators, and forms the basis for cooperation and partnerships across national borders.


Handelskammer Deutschland-Schweiz

For around 100 years, the chamber of commerce of Germany and Switzerland (Handelskammer Deutschland-Schweiz) has been the most important institution for all matters concerning economic relations between the countries of Germany and Switzerland/Liechtenstein and part of Germany and Switzerland’s networks of foreign chambers of commerce (AHKs and SwissCham respectively). The chamber’s range of services is comprehensive and covers all relevant economic areas in export business:

Identification of business and customer contacts
Legal advice
Representation in fiscal matters
Assistance with location selection, market entry and succession regulations

The chamber of commerce of Germany and Switzerland provides first-class services, concepts, strategies and opinions in all of these areas, thanks to its specialised experts. In addition, the chamber of commerce of Germany and Switzerland represents important trade fairs, identifies business contacts and sales partners, organises seminars on current issues, takes responsibility for the reimbursement of your value added tax and provides an information service with over 15,000 contacts a year.


The Lebensmittel-Cluster Oberösterreich

The Upper Austrian food cluster (Lebensmittel-Cluster Oberösterreich) is the largest and oldest food network, which covers the entire value creation chain. This regional network of companies from the food industry that work in close collaboration with suppliers, universities, research and education institutes and public institutions forms the basis for a trans-regional competitive advantage.
A joint project between WKO Oberösterreich and the state of Upper Austria, the food cluster has established itself as a cross-sector interface, point of contact and hub for the food industry
With the services that it offers, the cluster helps companies implement the results of research and development in market-ready products within short time frames, therefore allowing them to remain competitive on local and international markets.


The cross-sector professional association is one of the most important institutions for procurement management in the country. The association offers a range of information and training and has an extensive network within the economic and scientific worlds. also has numerous international connections. It is supported by around 1000 corporate members and 500 individual members from Switzerland. Thanks to international networking, particularly through cooperation with universities, keeps its knowledge, products and services up-to-date at all times.
As a specialist association, makes a considerable contribution to companies’ success in procurement, therefore increasing Switzerland’s competitiveness as an economic centre. is one of the sponsors of Swisstech, the SQS and the IFPSM and also works in close collaboration with the ITC (International Trade Center) of Unctad/WTO in Geneva.


ReTurn – Forum Restrukturierung und Turnaround

ReTurn is aimed at everyone in Austria that is directly involved in restructuring processes: restructuring managers, corporate consultants, bankers, trustees, specialised investors, lawyers, etc. ReTurn provides an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of experience and knowledge, as well as opportunities for further training, in order to increase and secure the quality of the Austrian restructuring market. At regular events with top-quality participants, members and interested parties get the opportunity to find out about and discuss current developments and issues on the restructuring market first-hand. At the same time, members are able to benefit from the ReTurn network.
The members of the ReTurn expert forum include Deloitte, KPMG, PWC and Ernst & Young. We are delighted that Kloepfel Consulting is represented by ReTurn and look forward to constructive cooperation.


Schweizerischer KMU Verband

As a recognised economic association, the Swiss association for SMEs (Schweizerischer KMU Verband) represents the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises. With activities such as assistance with capital procurement, legal advice and promotion of new companies, it fights for the best possible framework conditions and strengthens the competitiveness of members with specific services. The Swiss association for SMEs also seeks to engage in dialogue with politics, business, authorities, culture and social partners. Alongside the ongoing expansion of the procurement network, the association takes care of active promotion of cooperation between members. It also organises ongoing further education and training courses for its members.


OWL Maschinenbau e.V.

The innovation network OWL MASCHINENBAU aims to strengthen the economic and technological performance of the mechanical engineering area of Ostwestfalen-Lippe for competition on the international stage. With 272 companies and over 43,000 employees, mechanical engineering is a core competency in the region, and one that has grown here throughout history. The sector, which is structured mostly on the SME format, is combatting the challenges of increasing globalisation and increased speed of technological change with new forms of cooperation.

OWL Maschinenbau e.V’s key tasks and objectives include strengthening the economic and technological performance of regional SME-based mechanical engineering, developing locational advantages for companies on the global stage and ensuring companies’ survival for long-term stabilisation of the employment market.


VNL – Verein Netzwerk Logistik – Österreich

Everything that affects logistics and SCM as defining disciplines of corporate practice is important at the VNL. The VNL’s aim is to see companies on their way to supply chain excellence. It concentrates not on grey theories but on colourful, everyday practice. In addition, the VNL functions as a mouthpiece, promoter and forward thinker, which allows companies to secure lasting competitive advantages through the optimisation of improvements and innovations in their supply chain. To achieve this, the VNL networks companies and economic regions, and organises expert panel discussions and informative events. Experts from industry, commerce, services and education and research are all involved in the development of the VNL. Companies whose employees and economic regions are more sustainably successful with the VNL.


Vereinigung Schweizerischer Unternehmen in Deutschland

The association of Swiss companies in Germany (VSUD) is the amalgamation of Swiss companies, from all sectors and of all sizes, investing in Germany. The VSUD currently represents around 250 member companies with approx. 1,500 subsidiaries and nearly 250,000 employees in Germany alone.
The VSUD is – not least due to its active executive board, which is made up of influential representatives – a recognised dialogue partner for politics and business in Germany and Switzerland, as well as within bodies of the European Union. The VSUD’s focus is on helping shape tax, employment and competition law.