Thanh-Duy Tran

Profile of Thanh-Duy Tran

Thanh Duy Tran is a partner at Kloepfel Consulting and an industrial engineer with a focus on production technology. He has been optimizing the purchasing and supply chain of medium-sized companies and corporations for ten years now. Thanh Duy Tran has so far managed around 90 purchasing projects with a procurement volume of 3.5 billion euros. The specialist develops purchasing and supply chain strategies for technical requirements with small quantities more specifically one piece number. His areas of expertise include technical supplier management and cross-departmental optimization management for purchasing, product costs and production processes. At Kloepfel Consulting Thanh Duy Tran is responsible for technical projects, special vehicle construction, (special) mechanical engineering and plant construction. His intercultural strength and experience makes him one of the leading supplier managers in international procurement markets.

Thanh-Duy Tran

Senior Partner

T +49 211 875 453 23

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