Project interview KAINDL technischer Industriebedarf GmbH.:

KAINDL technischer Industriebedarf G.m.b.H.:

Sector: Trade

Turnover: € 35 million

Employees: 90

Products including: Industrial safety, fittings technology, industrial needs, fluid technology, adhesive tapes, hose technology, packaging technology

Optimization measures including:

  • Market and supplier research, tenders, negotiations
  • Workshops with existing suppliers to identify collaborative realizable savings potentials
  • Supplier supplementation in areas such as foils und hoses
  • Exemplary processed material groups: packaging, construction/ insulating materials, workwear

Were you skeptical or rather open-minded at the beginning of the project?
Engelbert Füreder: Personally, I was open-minded. Our team – product managers who handle purchasing and sales – were sometimes skeptical. But after a short time they were convinced that the common goals were achievable. The team realized that the project and the Kloepfel Consulting team did not question the previous work, but only helped to look beyond one’s own nose. For example, the consultants took our people along in the negotiations. Of course, there you learned much more through learning by doing than from a theoretical seminar according to a training book.

Marcus Schilling

Director Commerce

T +49 211 875 453 23

Engelbert Füreder: The biggest challenge was to get everyone in one boat. And at the beginning there was the big question, which topics one attacks with about 50,000 article numbers. In particular, we had to take into account that some product lines could not be changed much or nothing at all, as they are very customer-specific.
Engelbert Füreder:Supplier prices have stabilized and in some cases we were able to offer the products at a little lower prices and thus win new customers.
Engelbert Füreder: WWe simply get better negotiation results. The project allowed us to think outside the box and our team has just gained more bargaining power. Suppliers often come to us at the beginning of each year and want to raise prices by arguing with increased labor costs, energy costs or similar. Partial adjustments are necessary, but all in all we can keep supplier prices mostly stable today.

But we also learned to better position ourselves in the purchasing market. For example, we are pure discount payers and a financially strong company, what we now put out in all negotiations more.

Engelbert Füreder: Professional, fast, structured, cooperative.
Engelbert Füreder: The Kloepfel team has integrated well. In the beginning they were still “foreign bodies”, but this quickly subsided. They were always looking for the conversation and were not hiding behind their laptops. They were very likeable people who lived their professionalism. They enjoyed their work and it had a positive effect on our team.
Engelbert Füreder: The suppliers were informed in time. The reactions were completely normal, with two or three exceptions. And the Kloepfel team did not squeeze the suppliers to the last cent, even if they are paid on the basis of savings. They also paid attention to service, advice and the ability of suppliers to deliver.
Engelbert Füreder: As hoped, successfully and instructive. We can highly recommend a cooperation with Kloepfel Consulting. And I salute the efficiency and speed of the team. Especially when you consider that our product range covers more than 20 sub-areas.
Thank you very much for the interview!


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