Project description GEWA Etiketten GmbH

GEWA Etiketten GmbH

Project example “Label production”

Produkte: Wet glue and adhesive labels for the wine, spirits and sparkling wine industry

Turnover: € 24,65 million (2013)

Employees: 170 (2014)

Optimization measures including:

  • Joint negotiations
  • Optimization of existing suppliers

Processed topics:

  • B- and C-articles
  • Services

Starting point:

Founded at the beginning of the last century, GEWA Etiketten largely produces labels for wine and spirits producers. The company is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry and distributes labels throughout Europe. Small quantities as well as lots of millions of pieces are produced. In order to stabilize and expand its market position, Kloepfel Consulting was commissioned to check and optimize the conformity of market prices. By strengthening the purchasing department, the customer hopes to gain a competitive advantage in the highly competitive label market. The challenges faced by Kloepfel Consulting were, on the one hand, that the data situation at the beginning of the project was rather incomplete and, on the other hand, that GEWA has different customers who prescribe materials from special manufacturers. These requirements significantly increased the demands on the consultants.


Kloepfel Consulting first carried out a data acquisition in the various product groups to be processed, in order to subsequently uncover potential either through tenders or through negotiations with the existing suppliers and then implement them in coordination with GEWA Etiketten. In some areas, we have succeeded in achieving significant cost reductions by bundling suppliers. Especially in the areas of B and C articles as well as services good successes were achieved. In summary, it can be said that the project goals of GEWA Etiketten have been achieved.

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