Project interview Kistenpfennig AG

Kistenpfennig AG

Products: Drive technology, fluid technology, tools & equipment, occupational safety, chemical/technical products, services.

Turnover: € 65 million (2013)

Employees: 215 (2014)

Optimization measures including:

  • Material costs and overheads

Exemplary processed material groups:

  • Logistics, insurance, marketing, IT- and telecommunications, alt. services, packaging, facility management, consumables


Interview with Sven Kistenpfennig, CEO Chairman of the executive board of the Kistenpfennig AG.

Were you skeptical or rather open-minded at the beginning of the project?
Sven Kistenpfennig: At the beginning I was skeptical because I had experienced purchase consultants with customers and I received some in our own house concerning overheads. Nevertheless Kloepfel Consulting made me curious and since the risks were limited we went for the project.

Marcus Schilling

Director Commerce

T +49 211 875 453 23

Sven Kistenpfennig: At the beginning of course everything had to find a balance first. There were the usual problems at the start of an optimization project. The one or the other employee saw his work or relationship to the suppliers called into question. Finally we could arrange with all of the employees. It was understood that help was being offered, new processes were introduced together and gained a long term security.
Sven Kistenpfennig: A very organized roadmap was worked out and followed trough. Thanks to a transparent and seamless reporting system everyone knew what tasks were to do and when to reach the milestones of the project.
Sven Kistenpfennig: The Kloepfel team integrated itself very quickly in our team and acted in a collegial way that was very pleasant. Since the cooperation was limited by the duration of the project I cannot talk a 100% of colleagues, but neither were they just a foreign element.
Sven Kistenpfennig: The suppliers felt sometimes addressed to rough; but basically these were the suppliers where an uncritical change was possible and even worthwhile.

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