Project interview: Rath AG

Rath AG

Sector: Refractory applications

Products: Non-formed products, concrete moldings, dense stones, refractory bricks, high temperature wool, vacuum formed parts

Turnover: € 82 million

Employees: 600

Optimization measures including:

  • Market and supplier research, supplier days (packaging, logistics), negotiations
  • Workshops with existing suppliers to optimize refractory raw materials, among other things
  • Development of alternative suppliers to reduce dependencies and global sourcing

Material groups processed:

  • Natural gas
  • Energy
  • Refractory raw materials
  • Logistics
  • Packaging

Interview with Alexander Jüttner, Managing Director of Rath GmbH and Head of Purchasing Rath Group.

Were you skeptical or rather open-minded at the beginning of the project?
Alexander Jüttner:At the beginning of the project I was very skeptical. We had some classic consultants in our house that caused unnecessary stress and cost more than they brought in. Kloepfel Consulting’s concept was the exact opposite. We were introduced to people who didn’t analyze for a long time and present highly engraved PowerPoint slides, but who worked on a success basis and really helped to save money.

Marc Kloepfel


P +49 211 875 453 23

Alexander Jüttner: There were four challenges. On the one hand, all purchasing data, contracts, etc. first had to be made transparent, so that the project had a solid basis. Secondly, purchasing at various locations in Germany, Austria and Hungary had to be optimized. We had to win the whole purchasing team for the project. And we were quite dependent on raw materials.
Alexander Jüttner: Very positive. In the raw materials area, we have completely abandoned single-sourcing because we were able to build up high-quality, yet much cheaper alternative suppliers. There was also learning by project for all of us. The Kloepfel team took our people into the negotiations, for example, which gave them more negotiating strength.
Alexander Jüttner: Casual, pragmatic, team-oriented. In other words: No aloof consultants, but manpower. In addition, each project step was transparent for us, for example through reporting and preliminary discussions.
Alexander Jüttner: Positive, we will extend the project.

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