Aldi opens first store in China

Author: Mario Schmidtgen
Date: 03.06.2019

First Aldi-Süd store in Shanghai

According to the company, Aldi will start its expansion in China in the coming days. According to a spokesman, the discounter plans to open two pilot stores there next week. There were no further details.

Previously, the newspapers “Lebensmittel Zeitung” and “manager magazin” reported on the opening of a branch in the metropolis of Shanghai. The latter stated that the opening should take place on June 7. In addition to the usual Aldi products, the flagship store will also sell fresh fish at the counter.

Competition for Lidl

“This is a further step in the race between Aldi and Lidl worldwide”, says trade expert Matthias Queck of LZ Retailytics. This is how Aldi tries to make claims. The discounter is ahead with its expansion outside Europe, especially in the USA and Australia.

Since the stationary business in China is problematic, Aldi Süd initially started online. Aldi Süd will now slowly start with a few branches in the People’s Republic in order to test whether the concept is successful. Then Aldi will certainly invest in expansion within a very short time, thinks Queck.

Online launch 2017

Aldis online shop has been available in China since 2017. According to the “Lebensmittel Zeitung”, Aldi Süd has already rented its first shop space in Shanghai. This should be of a much higher quality than the conventional stores. The retailer wanted to address a wealthier clientele in China and relied on the demand for European imported goods.

In essence, the business in China would not differ much from the mass business of the discounters in the other countries. The next step is to open at least ten stores. In the medium term, between 50 and 100 stores will be operated.