Michelin: Tire plant near Bamberg shall be closed by 2021

Author: Duran Sarikaya
Date: 27.09.2019

Almost 860 employees affected

Once again there are negative news from the automotive industry. Around 860 Bavarian Michelin employees will soon be looking for a job after the tyre manufacturer announced the closure of its plant in Hallstadt. The plant, which has existed since 1971, shall now be closed step by step until 2021. The plant in Hallstadt near Bamberg mainly produces 16 inch passenger car tyres. Particularly in this market segment, manufacturers are not only recording a decline in global demand, but the competition in Asia is also enormously strong. Even the 60 million Euro investments with which Michelin wanted to counteract this development are not enough to keep the plant running economically. The structural change in the tyre market has too much influence on business.

According to Michelin, the focus should now be on supporting the employees working at the plant and the Hallstadt/Bamberg region in order to soften the consequences. In the course of this, each employee will be offered a comprehensive package of measures to support individual needs. These measures range from transfer companies to internal employment opportunities and are now being negotiated with the works council and the trade union. According to Michelin, the financing of the package of measures is estimated at 167 million euros.