Job cuts at Ryanair possible

Author: Marcus Schilling
Date: 02.08.2019

Flight ban of 737 Max is the reason

Due to the flight ban on the Boeing 737 Max, hundreds of jobs could be lost at Ryanair. The low-cost airline has a surplus of 1,500 pilots and flight attendants that it does not need, and additional 600 jobs that should be filled for the summer of next year are no longer needed.

Group CEO Michael O’Leary informed the employees about this in a video message. A company spokesman confirmed the authenticity of the video to the news agency “Bloomberg”.

Another reason is the Brexit, which has a negative effect on demand. “In the coming weeks, we will try to keep job cuts to a minimum,” commented O’Leary. However, it is not possible to completely prevent job cuts. By the end of August everything will be finally clarified.

Ryanair has changed its growth plans for the coming year because of the delivery freeze. By summer 2020, the airline will receive only 30 aircraft of the 737 Max instead of 58 jets.

Since two planes crashed fatally in Indonesia and Ethiopia, a worldwide flight ban has been imposed on the aircraft. So far it is unclear when this will be lifted. Boing has already reduced production of the type and stopped deliveries.