Otto Now wants to rent E-scooters

39 Euro per month

Date: 22.07.2019
Author: Thomas Wandler

The mail order company Otto wants to rent out electric scooters in the future. So far, the much-discussed e-scooters are usually available for an unlock fee and a flat rate per minute in large German cities. However, the driving fun is rather expensive, because one minute with an electric scooter costs around 15 cents.

Otto, on the other hand, has opted for a different concept: users should be able to rent a scooter for around 40 euros a month. The device can then also be used outside large cities. According to the mail-order company, rental will be possible from August on. Anyone interested can make a reservation now.

E-scooters are not the only products you can rent from Otto Now. Usually you can rent things there for one to six months. A winter break should also be possible for the electric scooters.

Which model the company offers is not yet known. But it should have 10 inch tires and a range of up to 40 kilometers. Charging will take six hours.

The maintenance should also be included in the rental price. If a scooter breaks down or is damaged, the mail order company will pay for it. The vehicle can be ordered online via Otto Now at the starting price of 39 euros. Later it will cost 49 Euro.

The E-scooter arrives fully assembled, approved and insured at the customer’s site, so that he is immediately ready for use.