Uber is now active in truck freight transport

Author: Mario Schmidtgen
Date: 25.07.2019

Offer extended to truck transportation

Uber advertises to extend its offer to the German truck transportation sector. The business is already operated in the USA and the Netherlands. With Germany, freight brokerage will thus be extended to Europe’s largest economy. This is playing an increasingly central role in road freight transport. According to the company, Germany accounts for around one fifth of the European market, which is worth 450 billion euros.

Besides Uber, the Berlin startup company Sennder is also another online platform that sees an opportunity in the mediation of truck trips in Europe. Sennnder collected 60 million euros from investors for a similar service.

Uber Fright generated quarterly sales of more than $125 million from brokerage commissions. In contrast to the European market, which is dominated by medium-sized companies with their own truck fleets, many drivers in North America drive their own trucks on their own account.