Electric car with power bank

Author: Duran Sarikaya
Date: 06.08.2019

Norwegian start-up develops alternative to Tesla

The Norwegian start-up Fresco Motors plans to develop an electric car with a spare canister – an idea that other car manufacturers had not yet realized. However, the electric car is still a concept in the development phase. A prototype has not yet been built.

The model was named Reverie and will be delivered with a loading pad. The anchoring in the ground at the parking lot enables wireless charging. In addition, the vehicle should include an emergency rechargeable battery, which will provide the car with several kilometers of residual range when the main battery is empty.

The advantage of a rechargeable battery is that the power bank is portable, so the owner can carry the battery from the car to a power socket. It also increases the durability of the battery system. The Reverie is said to be an optical combination of the Tesla Model S and the Chrysler 300. It should be 4.8 meters long, 2.2 meters wide and 1.4 meters high.

Furthermore, an AC induction motor with four-speed automatic transmission and overdrive mode should enable the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in two seconds and drive 300 km/h fast.

There was no information on prices or planned presentation and launch dates for the start-up yet. Interested people can already register for the Reverie. It is not tied to a purchase, but you can be one of the first to receive a vehicle. In addition, one gets access to exclusive test events in Trondheim in Norway.