Apple wants to promote renewable energy in supply chain

Author: Sebastian Thelen
Date: 26.07.2018

Establishment of a clean energy fund in China

Apple wants to move forward within its clean energy program launched in 2015 and has now set up the first investment fund in China. The group wants to make its production more sustainable with the support of its suppliers. As part of this, the Group is promoting the increased use of renewable energies in supply chains. For this purpose, more electricity from renewable energy sources shall also be used in China.

In addition to Apple, the first 10 suppliers of the group participate in the Chinese fund. Over the next four years, approximately $ 300 million will flow into the Chinese Clean Energy Fund. The money will be used for clean energy projects in China to reach an installed capacity of 1000 MVA.

“We from Apple are proud to work with companies that are ready to face the challenge of climate change,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives. The fund is managed by the DWS Group, which specializes in sustainable investments and will also participate in the investments.

As the fund is large and extensive, it can provide participants and suppliers with affordable purchasing opportunities for a variety of clean energy solutions. Apple is generating more than 485 MWA of output in clean energy projects in six Chinese provinces within the framework of the own group.

In addition to the Supplier Clean Energy Program, the fund was also built because Apple announced at the beginning of the year that they intend to convert all of their assets around the world to 100 percent clean energy. By 2020, participants would like to have more than 4,000 MWA installed capacity for clean power generation around the world. This covers around one third of Apple’s current power consumption.