Amazon opens second cash-free supermarket

Author: Mario Schmidtgen
Date: 19.07.2018

Further markets are expected to follow

At the end of January 2018, Amazon opened its first cash-free supermarket after numerous announcements. Located in Amazon’s hometown Seattle, “Amazon Go” is a regular grocery store but the payment is made online. The company worked on the concept for around five years. Customers can buy everyday products there without having to wait in line to pay.

About half a year after the opening, a second supermarket will follow in autumn. Amazon has officially confirmed this to the GeekWire portal. The store will also be in Seattle in the so-called Madison Center.

The new store will be considerably larger than the first one. The area will be around 280 square meters, which is more than 100 square meters larger than the prototype. The concept remains largely the same. Before entering the supermarket, customers must download an app. To get in, they need to scan a QR code. The payment is made via app after the purchase.

According to GeekWire, Amazon has plans to open more supermarkets in other parts of the country. In particular Chicago and San Francisco are considered for this. However, there are no concrete opening dates. In addition, Amazon should think about bringing the supermarkets to other countries. But this may still be a long way off.