Amazon: Returns without a box

Author: Dimitri Lagun
Date: 12.07.2019

Convenience of buyers

Amazon makes returns even more convenient for its customers. In the USA, returns can now be delivered unpacked and unmarked. This means that cartons are no longer necessary for shipping.

This had already been introduced for “millions of products”, Amazon said in a blog entry. Customers can return products to the online retailer’s own shops instead of the post office, as well as to the retail chain Kohl’s and the parcel delivery company UPS.

What sounds environmentally friendly at first is owed much more to the convenience of the customers. The Amazon blog says: “We understand that finding a box and tape and printing a label can still be tedious.”

Instead of the traditional returns process, US customers can now simply retrieve a code online, present it at an Amazon collection point and then return their goods. Packaging and re-dispatch are then handled by the employees.