Daimler has to recall 690,000 diesel cars

Author: Duran Sarikaya
Date: 22.08.2018

Car maker files an objection

Now Daimler officially has to recall hundreds of thousands cars in Europe. Reason for that is the illegal exhaust gas software: Across Europe, 690,000 inadmissible defeat devices in diesel vehicles were detected. 280,000 of these affected vehicles are in Germany, according to the Federal Ministry of Transport on Monday.

Andreas Scheuer from the CSU, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, announced the call back in mid-June after a meeting with Daimler CEO Diezer Zetsche. At this time, they spoke of 774,000 affected vehicles, 280,000 of them in Germany. The Federal Motor Transport Authority (German KBA) introduced then a test for new exhaust gas software.

Daimler contradicts the recall

Daimler has already filed an objection to the new order, because the criticized functions are not illegal, and now calls for a legal clarification. However, the carmaker is ready to cooperate with the authorities. In addition to the Vito, to which a recall was already imposed by the KBA, variants of the C-, E- and S-Class as well as the SUVs GLC, GLE and GLS are affected by inadmissible defeat device. The owners of the affected vehicles will be informed by Daimler.

According to the ministry, the built-in equipment causes increased emissions of nitrogen oxides during operation of the vehicle. Because of that, Daimler is demanded to remove the software. On August 3, the recall, which previously only affected the Vito, was extended to the other types.