VW recalls 700,000 vehicles worldwide

Author: Mario Schmidtgen
Date: 22.08.2018

Problems with electronics on the sunroof

Volkswagen has to recall several hundred thousand vehicles. Worldwide, about 700,000 cars of the models Tiguan and Touran are affected, in Germany there are 52,500 cars. This time the reason for the recall is not the emissions, but the electronics. Due to a faulty light bar on the sunroof moisture can ingress there and cause a short, so a spokesman of VW.

Vehicles of the current model generation, which were produced until July 5, are recalled. Due to the short a damage caused by charring could occur on the roof liner. In the worst case, a fire could be caused. Nevertheless they are still usable before they are repaired.

A short can be recognized by the fact that the ambient lighting fails. This is caused by the moisture in the control module. If first brown spots occur, the car owners should go directly to a workshop. VW is still working on a solution for this problem, but the attempts are “short term” completed.

In Germany about 30,000 Tiguan and 22,500 Touran type vehicles are involved. Thereby only vehicles with a large sunroof and ambient lighting are affected.