Heinz Ketchup and Edeka settle dispute

Back at the supermarket

Ketchup producer Kraft Heinz and food retailer Edeka have apparently settled their dispute over price increases. This was reported in the newspaper Lebensmittel Zeitung.

Kraft Heinz had stopped deliveries to the supermarket chain in February, as both could not agree on delivery conditions, prices and shelves. The ketchup manufacturer wanted to increase prices before the barbecue season, but Edeka even wanted to lower prices. The agreement between the two is not yet known.

Edeka reacts with own label

As a reaction to the delivery stop Edeka reacted with a private label called “Papa Joe’s”. So the sold amount of ketchup could be kept. Nevertheless, sales slumped by a double-digit percentage, reports LZ, referring to market researchers.

Heinz Ketchup enjoys a high market position in Germany. Almost 50 percent of the ketchup bottles sold come from Kraft.

When two people quarrel…

And the competition? Rewe seems to be the winner in the ketchup wrangle. The Edeka rival therefore sold more ketchup than in the same period last year.

It is not the first dispute between Edeka and brand manufacturers. Since April there has been no fruit juices from Punica on the shelves of Edeka and Netto. As in the ketchup dispute, this is also due to a price increase. Consumers can choose their own “Multi 12” brand. However, an agreement has not yet been found.

The supermarket chain has also already had a dispute with the food giant Nestlé. The Swiss group includes popular products such as Kitkat, Vittel and Wagner pizza.