Huawei charges Verizon patent bills

Author: Mario Schmidtgen
Author: 17.06.2019

Claim of over one billion dollars

Huawei is counter-attacking within the framework of the sanctions imposed by the USA. The Chinese technology group has issued invoices to the US telecommunications group Verizon for the use of patents. According to an insider, Huawei will charge more than one billion dollars. An employee from the management floors of the company had already sent a payment request to Verizon in February. This was reported by the Wall Street Journal.

A Verizon spokesman simply said that it was not just about Verizon alone: ” Considering the geopolitical context, any matter affecting Huawei has implications for the industry as a whole and gives occasion for national and international concern”. US mobile operator Sprint refused to comment on the request, AT&T and T-Mobile US did not react at all.

The US government had previously blacklisted Huawei, so that US companies were no longer allowed to do business with the Chinese company. In addition, the US wants to discourage other countries from using Huawei technology. The reason for this is US President Donald Trump’s allegation that Huawei uses its products to spy for China. The technology group repeatedly denied all accusations.