Antitrust investigation at Rewe-Lekkerland takeover

Author: Marcus Schilling
Date: 14.06.2019

Austrian competition authority also involved in examination

Rewe wants to take over the specialist wholesaler Lekkerland. The Federal Cartel Office is responsible for examining this. On Wednesday, a Rewe spokesman confirmed that Rewe had filed an application with the EU Commission. Based on the turnover figures, the Brussels competition authorities would actually be responsible for investigating the transactions.

Rewe generated total revenues of 60 billion euros. Nevertheless, both companies have the majority of their activities in the Federal Republic of Germany – thus the consequences of the transactions for the domestic market will be the focus of the next investigations. According to Rewe, the audit by the Bonn-based auditors is therefore more appropriate and efficient.

In May, Rewe announced the takeover of Lekkerland. Lekkerland itself includes petrol stations, bakeries, fast food restaurants, kiosks and also retailers. Last year Lekkerland achieved a turnover of 12.4 billion euros. Rewe also requested that in addition to the Federal Cartel Office, the Austrian competition authority should also examine the transaction.

“Rewe is currently assuming that the Commission will grant the request, so that the Federal Cartel Office and the Federal Competition Authority will probably be responsible for examining this essential part of the merger from the beginning of July at the latest,” said Rewe.

The company does not expect any antitrust hurdles, but assumes that the project will be successfully completed. There is no overlap between the companies in Germany. Rewe is a retailer. Lekkerland is active as a wholesaler.