Lidl ceases major project Elwis

Author: Mario Schmnidtgen
Date: 23.07.2018

500 million flowed already into the project

In 2016 Lidl presented the big project “Elwis” with partner SAP. As part of the project, SAP has developed a ERP system with the goal of replacing the existing “Wawi” system from Lidl. Through this it was intended to easier monitor the business operations and advance logistics. Furthermore, the data system should standardize the workflow of the discounter’s stores around the world.

Now the project, in which already 500 million euros flowed, ended. The reason for this is the cost-benefit ratio, which is not profitable. Instead the private ERP system “Wawi” will be further developed. “In the cost-benefit analysis everything speaks for the further development of Wawi,” said the CEOs Jasper Hojer and Martin Golücke.

The reason for this, however, is no dissatisfaction with the cooperation with SAP. Lidl wants to continue working in other areas with the software developer. SAP also says: “Lidl and SAP have been working together for many years and want to continue to do so in the future.” The Wawi was to be replaced by SAP through the program SAP Retail based on SAP Hana.

The Elwis systems were previously used only in Northern Ireland, Austria and the United States. Through the end of the project, the program will be replaced by the in-house solution Wawi. Originally, SAP was commissioned with a new program, as the Wawi system was considered relatively sluggish, and a real-time inventory management system was wished.

However, Lidl has numerous IT staff. In an interview in 2016 announcing the project with SAP, Lidl spoke of 1,200 IT staff members. 600 employees of these work in the headquarters in Heilbronn. The other 600 employees work in the national companies of Lidl.