Nestle focuses on sustainability

Author: Marcus Schilling
Date: 16.01.2019

Recyclable packaging until 2025

The food company Nestle is also reacting with various measures to the increasing pressure from politicians and environmentalists to reduce plastic waste. No plastic straws will be sold and the famous Nesquik cocoa will be available in the paper bag with immediate effect.

The company announced on Tuesday that from February on, the straws will be made of paper.

Plastic reduction is currently a major issue for many consumer goods and chemical companies. In December, the European Union agreed on a ban on certain disposable plastic products such as plates, drinking straws and cutlery, which will apply from 2021. The aim is to reduce the increasing pollution of the oceans.

Nestlé’s PET bottles will also be made of around 50 percent recyclable plastic by 2025 – but this means it has to be available first. For countries without a functioning infrastructure for waste recycling, there should be biodegradable and recyclable plastic bottles. Nestle will develop the granulate required for this together with the US company Danimer, which is specialized in this. Nestle technology boss Stefan Palzer comments: “If we absolutely cannot prevent plastic packaging from being released into the environment, then it is better to ensure that the material does not remain there forever”. By 2025, all of Nestlé’s food packaging should be reusable or recyclable.