Opel reopened its plant in Eisenach

Author: Dimitri Lagun
Date: 02.09.2018

From now on the Grandland X rolls from the production line here

On Wednesday, automobile manufacturer Opel restarted production in Eisenach. Michael Lohscheller, head of Opel, reopened the elaborately rebuilt production line on Wednesday. Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow and other high-ranking company representatives were also present.

Lohscheller described the reopening as a “great day for all employees”, as well as for the city, the entire region and of course the Opel customers. Here the Grandland X rolls off the production line. “We are confident that this model will create a sustainable future for the plant.” In addition, the location offers a “clear future perspective for the employees”. The Opel plant is a part of the city of Eisenach just like the Wartburg and also plays an enormously important economic role.

The conversion of the plant had begun in May. During this time almost the entire plant was rebuilt and restructured. For example, the so-called “wedding”, the connection between chassis and body, was modernized. The painting process was also made more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The first Grandland X that rolled off the production line in Eisenach can now be seen in the Museum Automobile Welt in Eisenach. In total, Opel should have sold the model about 160,000 times so far. And it seems that the numbers will continue to rise in the near future: SUVs are trendy, a plug-in hybrid version of the model will soon be on the market, and Opel will start a comeback attempt on the Russian market with the Grandland X. So far, the model’s production has been limited to the PSA plant in Sochaux, France.