Tele companies start log-in service

Author: Marcus Schilling
Date: 14.08.2019

Login without password and mail address

Germany’s leading mobile communications companies Telekom, Vodafone and Teléfonica have joined forces to develop a new log-in service. “Mobile Connect” provides a key for various online accounts and can be used via mobile phone number without e-mail or password.

The service should be usable for Internet purchases in online portals and should also enable digital visits to authorities in the future. It starts with the identity platform Verimi, which was founded in 2017. This platform is supported by major companies such as Allianz, Deutsche Bank and Lufthansa. Also companies such as Deutsche Bahn and Volkswagen are participating.

Verimi is the competitor to the platform NetID. It was founded by the television groups ProSiebenSat.1 and RTL as well as by GMX and Both providers intend to be a competitor to American platforms. For example, Facebook, Google and Twitter already offer the possibility of login with the account data on several pages for a long time. Apple also plans to launch its own log-in service in the near future.

Identification is made via the mobile phone. After entering the mobile phone number in the online portal, the customer receives an SMS with a link. By this he confirms the receipt and allows the network operator to transmit a “pseudonymous customer reference number” to the portal operator. The customer can then access the participating online shops without a password.