Telekom builds charging stations for e-cars

Author: Marcus Schilling
Date: 07.11.2018

Distribution boxes used for charging

Deutsche Telekom has installed charging points for electric cars on its distribution boxes for Internet and telephony. The charging stations will initially only be offered in Bonn and Darmstadt. According to Telekom, the use of existing infrastructures can prevent additional installations in the cityscape. The charging stations themselves, to which the electric cars are connected, can be installed up to a distance of ten meters from the distribution box.

In the future, Deutsche Telekom distribution boxes will also play a role in the expansion of electric mobility in Germany. On Monday, the Bonn-based group put the first public power filling stations into operation in Bonn and Darmstadt, where the distribution boxes are used as intermediate stations for the Internet and telephone calls. This use of existing infrastructure saves additional superstructures in the cityscape, Telekom explained. The charging stations themselves can be up to ten meters away from the distribution box.

Charging time and basic fee

However, recharging takes time: within an hour, a range of only 50 to 75 kilometres is achieved, depending on the vehicle type. In addition, a load costs 7.89 euros. The number of distribution boxes on which the charging function will be installed depends on the approval procedure. This is necessary because the boxes are located on municipal land. Nevertheless, it is planned to install the loading function nationwide.

Darmstadts mayor Jochen Partsch is pleased with the commissioning of the three distribution box loading systems in Darmstadt and describes them as “another important milestone in the development of the digital model city”.

Introduction of fast charging stations

In addition to the distribution boxes, Deutsche Telekom also wants to build fast charging stations. Within three months 100 stations shall be built, in three years 500. Within ten minutes charging time a range of about 100 kilometers can be reached. The cost of recharging is 14.49 euros.