US plans with VW billions

Author: Mario Schmidtgen
Date: 14.08.2018

Charging network for e-cars should arise

A total of 2.9 billion dollars from the billion dollar toll of the car maker VW because of the exhaust gas scandal in the United States has flowed in an environmental fund. According to WELT AM SONNTAG, the US states want to use this money to invest in a charging network for battery-powered cars now, and thus renewing the old fleets of diesel cars. All states of the USA and representatives of the Indian tribes shall become funds from the “VW Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust”.

A statement of the US Department of Energy states that states should receive between $ 8 and $ 423 million for expansion, with more than 20 states having over $ 50 million available. At the moment there are already ready plans for the use of the funds in 22 states, in further 20 they are working on concepts.

With the money all states want to replace old diesel fleets, also school and city buses, for cleaner models and set up new charging stations for battery vehicles. Furthermore, each state has its own plans.

Pollutant-free garbage trucks and grants for residents

The state of California benefits the most. They get about 422.6 million dollars and would like to use the money to partially retrofit vehicles on industrial and freight transshipment points of the rail more environmentally friendly. The plan of the state of Georgia is as follows: In Atlanta electric shall be acquired at the airport Hartsfield Jackson.

The state of Vermont also has plans to launch an “electric transit and school bus program” as well as the “electrical school” pilot project. There, clean technologies shall be tested. The capital Washington D.C. wants to purchase pollution-free garbage trucks with the help of the money and provide grants to the residents and businesses if they retrofit their own cars in an environmentally friendly way.

Nevertheless, some states are still not sure about how they will spend the VW. This is especially the case in Texas, Florida and New York. These three states have received very large sums of $ 209.4, 166.3 and 127.7 million dollars.