Volkswagen is promoting digitalization

Author: Sebastian Thelen
Date: 28.08.2018

Own software and new IT architecture

Volkswagen is increasingly focusing on digitalization and is now developing its own software for the networking of vehicles. At a press conference, the car maker announced that they were launching the “Transform 2025+” strategy and are investing 3.5 billion euros into the digitalization offensive. VW has set the goal of becoming a mobility service provider and world market leader in digitalization by 2025.

Furthermore, Volkswagen wants to advance their digital ecosystem “Volkswagen We”. The platform includes several modules, such as the luggage service “We Deliver” and the park app “We Park”. On the platform, customers can catch up on the carmaker’s digital services at a glance.

Equipment of vehicles with new IT

Another part of the digitalization strategy is a new IT architecture in vehicles which shall be introduced in 2020. The electric cars are equipped with a simple IT architecture: Instead of manufacturer-specific software on allocated ECUs, the company’s own automotive operating system “vw.OS” is installed in the vehicles. The software is intended to facilitate the easy installation of updates and upgrades and to network the entire Volkswagen fleet. According to Jürgen Stackmann, Chief Sales Officer of Volkswagen, vehicles are increasingly being transformed into “digital devices on wheels”.

Software and services more important

VW has also introduced the “One Digital Platform” (ODP) throughout the Group. The platform connects the vehicles, customers and new services. In the future, the vehicles will be more different in terms of software and services offered, according to Michael Jost, Head of Strategy at Volkswagen. As the dealer contracts have been changed, it is also possible to maintain customer contact throughout the entire car lifecycle.