Will Amazon soon do its own music streaming?

Author: Thomas Wandler
Date: 18.04.2019

Rumors about free streaming subscription

According to rumors, Amazon is in talks with various partners for the development of a new ad-financed service for music streaming. The offer would be comparable to the free streaming service Spotify Free. The e-commerce giant itself has not yet issued a statement on this.

It is said that Amazon can sell its smart speakers better through a music streaming offer. In addition, the free streaming offer would make it easier to convince users to subscribe to the paid Amazon Prime subscription or the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

It is also said that Amazon is already in the final negotiations and therefore wants to make an official announcement in the next few days. Amazon wants to convince its partners with fixed sums, which would be paid to the record companies and artists for each stream called up. Thus, they would not be involved in how much money Amazon would earn through advertising.

Amazon has already planned for losses and can live with red figures. The online retailer sees the free streaming service more as another channel in the overall ecosystem that attracts customers to Amazon’s other business areas.

Spotify is currently the only provider of music streaming that offers free use. However, Spotify Free does not allow you to select individual songs without limits, download songs offline, and provide poorer audio quality.

Now it remains to be seen whether the Amazon music streaming is a rumor or not. Rumors about music and video offerings have often been circulated via Amazon – but without any truth.