Warning of no Brexit deal

Author: Thanh-Duy Tran
Date: 24.09.2019

High tariffs for the car industry

The automotive industry in particular is warning against customs duties that will cost Germany billions. Especially the consumers in Great Britain and the other EU states will feel the effects. The German car manufacturers have no escape if a no deal Brexit should happen.

The head of the French car lobby CCFA, Christian Peugeot, commented on the Brexit that it was “not just a British problem”, but “We are all affected in the European automotive industry, and even beyond”. It should be noted that Great Britain is the trade target of about ten percent of the total vehicles produced on the European continent.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson would also necessarily leave the EU without an agreement on 31.10.2019. However the parliament in England passed a law, which excludes a no deal Brexit. Thus the resignation without agreement shall be postponed for a third time.