VW expands its spare parts business

Author: Thomas Wandler
Date: 23.09.2019

How electric cars should improve business

Although electric cars are rather simple in construction in contrast to internal combustion engines of passenger cars, VW plans now to expand its spare parts business for electric cars.

According to a report in the newspaper Handelsblatt, VW had already generated a turnover of 15.9 billion euros last year with its spare parts business. It is now believed that this can be increased with spare parts for electric cars. However, Christian Dahlheim, sales director of the Volkswagen Group, pointed out: “With the increasing distribution of e-vehicles, existing sources of income for our trading partners and us will decline”.

Although a study by the consulting group Accenture shows that sales of spare parts for electric cars will fall by 20-30 percent, VW insists on its plan. According to Volkswagen, internal combustion engines are expected to generate substantial sales in the next 10-15 years. The reason for this is that there is an agreement that 15 years after the end of production of a model, spare parts must still be provided.

Imelda Labbé, head of after sales, demands that the VW group’s authorized workshops should be visited so that the spare parts business can continue to be driven forward. This should increase the value for customer loyalty.

The increase will be driven by vehicles in the coming years. This will happen because the next generations will have a digital network installed and it will be possible to determine at which point in time which parts need to be replaced. This allows appointments to be made in advance in a partner workshop. Volkswagen expects better figures and greater loyalty from its customers as a result of this comfort.