Kloepfel Consulting establishes new office in Mexico

Together with GECOM to an all-in-one Mexico service provider

Xalapa, July 25, 2017. The medium-sized purchasing consultancy Kloepfel Consulting sets up its new location in Xalapa, Mexico, on August 1 of this year. In cooperation with the Mexican service provider GECOM, Kloepfel Consulting will help German companies to gain a foothold in Mexico with their procurement and production activities. “Our constant growth is our strength. Therefore the expansion to Mexico was a logical step for the further development of Kloepfel Consulting. In addition, we are meeting the wishes of many of our customers to be more positioned in Mexico with the new location “, Marc Kloepfel, Managing Director of Kloepfel Consulting, explains the decision.

Kloepfel Consulting is not the only one who recognized that Mexico is becoming increasingly important as a procurement and production country. More than 1,200 German companies have already established locations in Mexico. From August on, supporting these companies and paving the way for newcomers to Mexico will be the task of the team headed by site director Hector Galindo. “I am working as a consultant for Kloepfel Consulting for several years. Therefore I am even more pleased to be able to manage the location in my home country. The Mexican procurement market offers enormous potential, which we will discover and use together with our customers in the future,” Galindo gladly reports.

The team will focus on supporting companies in strategic sourcing in the Mexican market. This starts with the search for suitable suppliers. German companies in Mexico often have to struggle with language and cultural barriers between them and the success. The local team of Kloepfel Consulting and GECOM removes these barriers and mediates purposefully between suppliers and customers. Supplier development and employee recruitment are also among the competencies from which customers will benefit from the Mexican location in the future. For companies that do not yet have a location in Mexico, Kloepfel Consulting offers market studies that provide information on aspects relevant to location decisions.

“With GECOM we have found exactly the right cooperation partner for the planned services. Together we will be enriching our customers’ procurement and expansion activities first-hand from August onwards,” explains Marc Kloepfel full of anticipation. GECOM specializes in helping Mexican companies obtain government funding, to settle down and improve business efficiency. Thus the local know-how of GECOM and the purchasing competence of Kloepfel Consulting complement each other at the new location to an all-in-one solution for medium-sized companies interested in Mexico.

About Kloepfel Consulting
The purchasing consultancy Kloepfel Consulting is an implementation-oriented consulting company based in Düsseldorf. The core competence lies in procurement optimization and cost reduction for production, trading and service companies. The aim is to increase our customers’ return on sales. With over 700 clients, Kloepfel Consulting is one of the fastest growing consulting companies for purchasing optimization for German-speaking medium-sized businesses. Till this day, more than 8.7 billion euros purchasing volume have been processed and around 70,000 suppliers from over 132 countries have been qualified and negotiated on a 100% basis of success.

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