BMW will become part of FC Bayern München

Author: Duran Sarikaya
Date: 18.09.2018

Acquisition of shares for over 100 million euros

FC Bayern Munich may be pleased about a new mega deal. Apparently BMW would like to become the new automobile partner of the football club and thus replaces Audi. According to the media, the club has already issued a declaration of intent. According to this, BMW can join at the latest in 2025. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Furthermore, BMW should also take over Audi’s shares in the club. The Ingolstadt-based carmaker also owns 8.33 percent of FC Bayern München AG, like the club’s long-standing partners Adidas and Allianz. This share was purchased by Audi in 2011 for 90 million euros.

BMW wants to pay over 100 million euros for this and also offers a higher annual amount. The annual sum shall be in the mid double-digit millions. Audi is currently paying 30 million euros a year.

It is also reported that FC Bayern Munich is trying to advance the change to BMW. The Munich carmaker’s entry is scheduled to take place as early as mid-2019. However, the cooperation with Audi has been decided until 2025.