Deutsche Post launces new project in the country

Author: Mario Schmidtgen
Date: 18.09.2018

“My country post” supplies residents

Deutsche Post has now started the pilot project “my country post”, which was presented on Friday. In rural areas, the nearest city is often far away and public transport is irregular. Especially for older people it is difficult to go shopping.

Deutsche Post now wants to solve this problem with its project and supplies houses in small towns with food, stamps and cash. “We want to see what the demand is like and if a business model can be developed from it” says Post spokesman Gerold Beck.

The first test areas are the municipalities of Buchen in the Odenwald and Oberkotzau in Upper Franconia. The search for a cooperation partner for more postal branches is in vain, especially in the districts where few people live. There are only a few kiosks or grocery stores offering Post services. However, the Post has to operate a branch in municipalities and districts with more than 2,000 inhabitants.

This is why the new project has now been launched. The mobile service is called “AllyouneedFresh” and is connected to DHL’s online supermarket. The Post vehicles are loaded with products -around 100 basics are always loaded. Other items can be ordered on demand. According to the Post, the price remains the same or is even cheaper in some cases.

If customers want to place an order, they can call the service hotline (0800 876 2 876) or use the SIMSme Messenger app. In addition, a buzzer is distributed to the customers free of charge and the customer service is informed about it. Afterwards the customer is called, so Beck. The buzzer is especially useful for older people for whom the use of the various online platforms is too complicated.