Daimler builds two new battery factories in Germany

Author: Ralf Schmitt
Date: 31.07.2018

More investment in autonomous driving planned

As Daimler wants to expand its battery assembly capacity for electric cars, the car maker creates two new battery factories in Germany. In Sindelfingen, the construction of the factory will begin in a decade.

In addition, the Powertrain plant in Untertürkheim in the Hedelfingen plant will be supplemented with a battery factory. Thus, the site can quadruple its original capacity. In total, Daimler will have eight battery factories at six locations on three continents.

Daimler invests in autonomous driving

Furthermore, the car maker wants to invest more in autonomous driving. For this purpose, Daimler has teamed up with the Chinese search engine operator Baidu and is working with them on projects in the field of automated driving and connectivity. Both companies signed a letter of intent.

As part of the collaboration, Baidu’s public platform Apollo will be used for self-driving cars in Mercedes test vehicles on test tracks and released roads. In addition, Baidu’s connectivity services shall be introduced into the Mercedes-Benz MBUX multimedia system.