Drones become more popular in logistics

Author: Dimitri Lagun
Date: 31.07.2018

Especially used in warehouse logistics

Worldpay, provider of payment solutions, has conducted a study on the use of drone technology in logistics. According to the results, drones are becoming increasingly popular for deliveries of goods, but also in warehouse logistics, for example for automated inventory.

In total, Spanish consumers are most open to unmanned flying objects. 42 percent would accept a delivery by drone. In Germany 38 percent would agree with a drone delivery and in Sweden 37 percent.

Drone landing site with ID identification

The innovation team of Worldpays, Drone Pay, is developing its own drone technology concept as part of the study results. A contactless EMV payment card technology shall be installed in the landing sites of the drone, to confirm the identity of the recipient. The landing site should be in the form of a doormat. After landing, the drone checks the contact details of the receiver. If they match the package will be dropped.

“For consumers, the technology would make online shopping much more convenient and for retailers it has the advantage of providing customers with an excellent shopping experience and delivery right to their doorsteps” said Mark Fleming, General Manager for EMEA, Global Enterprise eCommerce at Worldpay. “In addition, drones could be the solution to reduce emissions and air pollution and enable shorter delivery times in cross-border trade.”

Also popular in warehouse logistics

Drones continue to be used increasingly in warehouse logistics. For example, the Rigterink logistics group uses drones in their warehouse in Flörsheim, which is responsible for the logistics of the food manufacturer Mars Schokoriegel & Co. The drones are responsible for the inventory. The start-up doks has developed an inventAIRy solution, which saves time and costs and makes the inventory as transparent as possible.

“The manual inventory of conventional shelving systems is very time-consuming and cost-intensive. Especially mistakes in the recording of stocks require additional effort in the follow-up and the final control. With inventAIRy, we are confident that we can significantly optimize all inventory management processes and thereby also reduce the error rate, which ultimately improves the cost structure and transparency” explains Arne Rigterink, site manager of the Rigterink logistics group in Flörsheim am Main.