Edeka sells natural cosmetics

Author: Mario Schmidtgen
Date: 17.08.2018

“Blüte-Zeit” on the shelf this month

Retailers have recently discovered the business of natural cosmetics, besides L’Oréal and Henkel, more and more for themselves. The Edeka Group, headquartered in Hamburg, plans to bring natural cosmetics products of its own brand ” Blüte-Zeit ” (what means heyday) to the shelves in August. Customers can purchase natural and vegan care products under this brand. Overall, the range of the new brand includes around 21 products such as body milk, shampoo, conditioner, wash gel, etc..

The products are labeled with the “Nature Seal”, a certificate of the international association of “True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics”. The headquarters of the association is located in Brussels. According to the company, around 6000 products by 230 manufacturers have been certified. In addition, the products shall be manufactured in Germany and start with a price of only 1.49 euros.

Currently many companies see particularly big opportunities and great potential in natural cosmetics. Recently, the Nivea Group Beiersdorf had alluded to a possible expansion. Stefan Heidenreich, CEO Beiersdorf, comments: “It would be criminal if we would not deal with these things. When the time comes, we will show what we have. ”

The drugstore chain Rossmann has also taken the natural cosmetics as an opportunity and offers its customers, in addition to the well-known brand Weleda, the own brand Alterra. Rossmann’s website also states: “Long time ago natural cosmetics have ended their niche existence and started off as a trendy alternative to conventional beauty products.” The competitors DM and the drugstore chain Müller are also represented in the natural cosmetics segment.

Edeka also sees another benefit in the new range. Through this, the group wants to limit the ever-growing market power of drugstores. Recently, the drugstore chain Budnikowsky from Hamburg announced that it would be working closely with Edeka and opening its own drugstores, which should happen already this year.